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Kick Dance and Arts provide classes across a
range of styles, from Classical Ballet to Irish
to Musical Theatre - there's something for all ages and all abilities.

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Meeting Our amazing
Dance Teachers

Kick's dance team are not only professionally trained
but are still working in the industry. Kick's
teachers have most recently appeared in the international touring cast of Les Miserable etc etc - fill in from Lisa

"Kick Dance comes to my workplace and Kim is wonderful with the children and they love it! There is so much talent among those children and Kim knows just how to help it blossom!!!"

Nina Stallmann Kick Dance Parent

"Amazing and welcoming staff. The dance school my daughter attended last year refused to talk about my son with Down syndrome attending lessons. Kick welcomed him with open arms. Both kids have had a wonderful first 9 months."

Ruth Zillmann Kick Dance Parent

On the World

Dancing professionally both here and abroad, we are
so proud of what our students and teachers
continue to achieve!