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Bulimba Uniting - UpstairsBulimba Uniting - DownstairsColmslie Studio OneColmslie Studio Two
8.30-9.15Pre - Primary Ballet A
(Miss Maughan)
8.30-9.00Twinkle Stars C
(Miss Lisa)
8.30-9.15Junior Jazz B (Miss Maddy)8.30-9.15Junior Jazz A and 6 and under Troupe (Miss Kim)
9.15-10.00Primary Ballet B
(Miss Maughan)
9.00-9.30Creative Movement A
(Miss Lisa)
9.15-10.00Grade One Ballet B (Miss Maddy)9.15-10.30Pre Intermediate Jazz A and 8under Troupe (Miss Kim and Miss Char and sometimesMiss Lisa)
10.00-10.459.30-10.00Creative Movement B (Miss Lisa)10.15-11.00Primary Ballet A
(Miss Lisa)
10.30-11.15Beginner Jazz B (Miss Maddy)
10.45–11.30Grade Three Ballet (Miss Maughan)10.45-11.30Pre Intermediate Hip Hop and Cheer
(Miss Kim and Miss Daniella)
11.00-11.306 and under Ballet Troupe (Miss Lisa)11.15-12.00Munchkins Musical Theatre (Miss Rebecca)
11.30-1.00Intermediate Ballet (Miss Maughan)11.30-12.15Intermediate Hip Hop and Cheer (Miss Kim)11.30-12.15 Grade One Ballet (Miss Char)12.00-1.30Intermediate Musical Theatre (Sing/Act) (Miss Rebecca)
12.15-1.00Pre Intermediate Jazz E (Miss Kim)12.15-1.00 8 and under Ballet Troupe (Miss Lisa)1.30-2.0012 and under Musical Theatre Troupe (Miss Rebecca and Miss Char)
1.00-1.45 Grade Two Ballet (Miss Lisa)2.00-3.30Senior Musical Theatre - (Miss Rebecca)
1.45-2.45Sub Minor Irish (Miss Lisa and Miss Char)
2.45-3.15Junior Ceili
3.30-4.15Senior Ceili


Bulimba Uniting - UpstairsBulimba Uniting - DownstairsColmslie Studio OneColmslie Studio Two
3:30 - 4:15Primary Ballet A
(Miss Lisa)
3:30 - 4.15Beginner Irish3.30-4.30Grade Five Ballet (Miss Char)3.30-4.30Grade Four Ballet (Miss Maughan)
4.15-5.00Grade One Ballet
(Miss Lisa)
4.15-5.00Intermediate Irish4.30-5.0010 and under Ballet Troupe (Miss Char)4.30-5.30Intermediate Acro (Miss Maughan)
5.00-5.45Grade Two Ballet
(Miss Lisa)
5.00-6.30Intermediate Foundation A (Miss Char) 5.30-6.30Intermediate Foundation Ballet B (Miss Maughan)
5.45-6.45Sub Minor Irish (Miss Lisa and Mr Adrian)6.30-7.3012 and under Ballet Troupe (Miss Char)6.30-7.30Senior Jazz B and Hip Hop (Miss Kim and Mr Liam)
7.00-8.15Open Irish (Mr Adrian)7.30-9.00Intermediate Ballet (Miss Char)7.30-8.30Senior Acro and Troupe


Bulimba Uniting - UpstairsBulimba Uniting - DownstairsColmslie Studio OneColmslie Studio Two
9.30– 10.00Creative Movement C (Miss Lisa)
10.00–10.30Creative Movement D (Miss Lisa)
3.30-4.15Intermediate Irish3.30-4.15Junior Hip A (Mr Liam)3.30-4.30Grade Four Ballet (Miss Lisa)
4.15– 5.00Grade Three Ballet (Miss Maughan)4.15– 5.00Intermediate Hip Hop A (Mr Liam)
4.00-5.30Advanced Foundation Ballet (Miss Char4.30-5.0010 and under Lyrical Troupe (Miss Lisa)
5.00-5.45Pre Intermediate Jazz B
(Miss Kim)
5.30-6.3015s and Open Ballet Troupe
(Miss Char)
5.00-6.00Grade Five Ballet (Miss Lisa)
6.30-8.00Advanced Two Ballet (Miss Char)6.00-6.45Intermediate Jazz B and 10 and under Troupe
(Miss Kim and Miss Lisa)
6.45-7.45Intermediate Jazz A and 12 and under Troupe
(Miss Lisa and Miss Kim)


Bulimba Uniting - upstairs Bulimba Uniting - downstairsColmslie Studio One Colmslie Studio Two
3.30-4.15Junior Tap A and 6 and Troupe (Miss Char) 3.30-4.15Junior Contemporary
(Miss Maughan)
4.15-5.15Intermediate Tap B and 8 under Troupe 4.15 - 5.00Intermediate Contemporary
(Miss Maughan)
5.00-6.00 Intermediate Irish (Mr Adrian)5.45-6.30Booty Barre (Miss Kim)5.15-5.4510 and under Tap Troupe
(Miss Char)
5.00-6.00Senior Contemporary
(Miss Maughan)
6.00-7.30 Open Irish (Mr Adrian)
Open Irish
(Mr Adrian)
6.30-7.30Adult Jazz (Miss Kim) 5.45-6.45Intermediate Tap A and 12 and under Troupe (Miss Char)6.00-6.45Pre Intermediate Jazz C (Miss Amy)
6.45-7.3015 and under Tap Troupe (Miss Char) 6.45-7.30Intermediate Jazz E (Miss Amy)
7.30-8.00Senior Tap A7.30-8.30Adult Tap (Miss Amy)
8.00-9.00Senior Jazz A and 15 and Open Troupe


Bulimba Uniting - UpstairsBulimba Uniting - Downstairs Colmslie Studio OneColmslie Studio Two
9.00-9.30Twinkle Stars A
(Miss Kate)
9.30 – 10.00Creative Movement E (Miss Kate)
10.00–10.30Creative Movement F
(Miss Kate)
10.30-11.00 Creative Movement G
(Miss Kate)
3.30 – 4.15Pre - Primary Ballet B
(Miss Kate)
3.30 – 4.15Junior Jazz D (Miss Kim)3.30-4.15Junior Acro 3.30-5.00Intermediate Foundation (Miss Jamie)
4.15-5.00Primary Ballet C
(Miss Kate)
4.15-5.00Beginner Jazz A
(Miss Kim)
4.15-5.15Junior Musical Theatre (Singing/Acting) (Miss Rebecca)
5.00-5.45Junior Tap B (Miss Kate)5.00 – 5.45Junior Jazz C (Miss Kim)5.15-6.00Musical Rehearsal5.00-5.45Intermediate Extension Ballet (Miss Jamie)
5.45-6.30Grade One Ballet C (Miss Maddy)5.45-6.30Pre Intermediate Jazz D (Miss Daniella)6.00-6.45Pre Intermediate tap A (Miss Kate)6.00-6.45Intermediate Jazz D (Miss Kim)
Advanced Foundation Ballet (Miss Jamie) 6.45-7.30Intermediate Tap C
(Miss Kate)
6.45-7.30Pre Intermediate Jazz D (Miss Kim)
Advanced One Ballet (Miss Jamie) 7.30-8.15Intermediate Tap D (Miss Kate) 7.30-8.15Senior Jazz C (Miss Kim)